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Vision 2045: Advancing Environmental Sustainability


At Southwest Airlines we seek to promote a better, healthier Planet, but we recognize we can’t accomplish it alone. Protecting our Planet requires a joint effort from individuals, communities, businesses, and state and federal governments all working together to do their part. That’s why we are excited to join the Vision 2045 campaign—a collaboration among multiple organizations and companies whose purpose is to share films that aim to inspire businesses and people to take action toward a more sustainable future.





For years Southwest has proudly shown our Heart for the Planet in many ways, including implementing fuel efficiency initiatives into our operations and supporting environment-focused partnerships and programs. Environmental sustainability is an ongoing priority for us, and we have set a goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. But, we recognize the importance of taking action in the near term, which is why we developed a robust ten-year plan to make progress this decade. We plan to reduce our carbon emissions intensity by at least 20% (compared to 2019) by 2030 and maintain carbon-neutral growth to 2019 levels every year through the end of the decade. There are a number of ways we aim to achieve this goal, and I encourage you to watch the video below to learn more!

Vision 2045_Advancing Environmental Sustainability.png