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Explorer B
We are very excited to offer Customers the ability to stay connected longer while onboard a Southwest flight! You may have heard about the recent FAA ruling allowing Customers to use small portable electronic devices (PEDs) during an entire trip. That’s right, no more stowing smartphones, tablets, e-readers, or handheld computer games for takeoff or landing! Well, effective today, not only can Southwest Customers use PEDs in “airplane mode” from gate to gate but thanks to our Row 44 satellite WiFi, we are the only airline that offers a gate-to-gate connectivity on the majority of our fleet. The extended use of this Southwest service on WiFi-equipped aircraft is available at the low price of $8 per device, all day, including stops and connections. That also means you can now enjoy free live TV compliments of DISH® and $5 movies from the start of a trip to the very end, with no interruptions.  And remember Customers do not need to purchase WiFi in order to access movies or TV.  Click here for more information. So as you get ready to head out for Thanksgiving travel, you now have the ability to stay connected from the time you step onboard a Southwest plane to the time you exit—just one more way we are working to improve our Customer Service for you!