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Wanna Get Away? New Southwest Airlines Campaign Infuses Humor into its Brand Momentum




We can all relate to having a Wanna Get Away moment in life, and with the launch of our fall advertising campaign this week, Southwest Airlines is bringing a fresh new look to an iconic tagline.


With the new campaign, we’re continuing to tell our Transfarency story. The difference between Southwest and other airlines is that we don’t hide fees. What you see is what you get at Southwest, and what you get is a low fare and the inclusive value of up to two bags that fly free—with no change fees.


The key differentiator between Southwest and the competition is our people. Southwest has always been about our people and their ability to relate in a personable and human way with our customers—nobody does it better than Southwest employees. I’m particularly proud of this body of work, including what you’ll see continue to roll out in late September, because it truly highlights our Southwest personality.


With advertising, the goal is to connect with customers in a credible way that represents a product, highlights a company’s strengths, and reflects the uniqueness of a particular brand. Given the strong connection our employees make with customers each day, we look for a way to represent that in our advertising. Oftentimes, that connection with our customers is made with humor.


This year our brand communications team focused on using humor to tout our famous low fares during sales. The result? Expressing some of those moments everyone can relate to as awkward, and well, moments that make you Wanna Get Away.


As humans, we all experience uncomfortable moments we would rather go back in time to fix—or simply get away from. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably shared an embarrassing moment or two with your friends and family on social media. We’re fans of celebrating those Wanna Get Away moments (as awkward as they may be), and we’ve launched a social media contest to encourage you to share those moments with us.


After viewing our latest Wanna Get Away commercial, I invite you to submit your Wanna Get

Away moment through social media for a chance to win your own Wanna Get Away vacation. More details at


Keep an eye out for more fun, more music, and more low fares as the rest of this campaign rolls out.