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Wanna Get Away?

Adventurer C

One of the reasons I love watching the Super Bowl is to see the advertising.  The ads are usually pretty funny and show me a little bit about the personalities behind the companies.  The "Wanna Get Away" Southwest commercials, I think, have done a great job in capturing the fun side of our Company. I think we can all relate to the awkward and embarrassing moments, and these commercials have even worked their way into everyday conversation used to describe real life situations such as this entry in a blog by the Chicago Tribune: "His life could become a real-life version of the Southwest Airlines 'Want to get away?' ad." I've also noticed quite a few "Wanna Get Away" videos that folks have produced on various Internet video sharing sites. Very funny and very well done! 

In the spirit of showing off our Customers' creativity and for all of those "Wanna Get Away" moments that need to be told, we have a site and contest for everyone to submit and share their own video stories. Starting today, show us what you've got!  Create your own version of our "Wanna Get Away" commercial and maybe even have your moment make it to TV as a real Southwest commercial! Heck, even if you don't make it, you still might have a chance to win a vacation or airline tickets. 

Check out for details!