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Wanna Make a Southwest Commercial?

Adventurer C
Ok's February which means time is running out for you to capture your creative talents on camera and submit it to our Wanna Get Away video contest. It's fun, it's easy, it could bring you great fame and riches...ok, maybe not riches (we are a low-fare airline after all), but definitely fame if your commercial is the winner. So stop reading this blog (this is the only time I will tell you to do that) and get going!
Explorer C
Wanna get away? If it's after May 11, better drive!
Frequent Flyer B
Wanna get away, even if it's just for one day? Southwest has great round-trip fares, as well as (of course) one-way! 🙂
Explorer C
wanna get away? the phx suns can't win. Go lakers!!!
Explorer C
Jip, Why would you drive when you could book a low fare on swa up to august 24, 2007?
Adventurer B
Ummm......Laker Boy....who was it that put the Lake show out of the playoffs last year? That would be the Suns wouldn't? Plus, how many MVP's has Kobe won back-to-back? Oh wait, how many has Kobe won PERIOD? When it happens again this year, they should pan to Kobe on the bench sitting there during the last few seconds with the "not again" look on his face and THEN ask "wanna get away?"
Explorer C
Dang! I missed the boat on this! I've got a whole collection of stories that would make great premises for these commercials. The stories are all about good-humored self-deprecation -- and proof that any hapless clod can muddle through life. Here are a few examples: >A preacher forgets to shut off his wireless microphone after a sermon and his congregation hears the sounds of his restroom visit. >A man riding a San Francisco cable car mistakes an Asian tourist's hand for his wife's and bites it. >Woman is pulled over with four other motorists for an illegal right turn, but cop lets her go. She backs up accidentally and runs over the cop's bike. >A businessman whose swim trunks had come off in hotel pool discovers an audience had witnessed his disrobing when he discovered the lounge below had a large viewing window. LOVE your TV ads! Keep 'em coming!!! Best regards, Ed Mauss (Chief Bumbler, The Hard Luck Gazette)