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Southwest Airlines Community

We Left our Heart in México City


Through Southwest Airlines' Heart of the Community program, we have connected people in the places they love by reimagining public spaces in more than a dozen communities in which our Employees and Customers call home. Last Friday, we joined the local community in celebrating our newest and first international Heart of the Community project in the Foro Lindbergh section of Parque México. This hardscape plaza in the heart of Condesa, a classical neighborhood lined with trees and restaurants in México City, has been cherished by the community for decades. However, the plaza lacked the flexible amenities and programming that would encourage more residents to stop by for a visit. An initial donation from Southwest in 2015 supported a series of community workshops and activities, facilitated by the local organization, Lugares Públicos and Southwest’s national nonprofit partner, Project for Public Spaces. The workshops were designed to uncover what people craved in this area of the park. New features like a mobile library cart, an outside art gallery and more than 20 plush bean bag chairs, as well as ongoing programming, all came to life on Friday through this community-led process. MEX Photo 5 Residents of all ages could be seen nose deep in books during reading clinics, holding warrior poses as they practiced yoga, playing frisbee with their pets, eating colorful paletas (popsicles), and soaking up the warm México City sunshine with family and friends. As laughter and conversation filled the air, it was evident these new enhancements were already bringing much joy to the community members in attendance. MEX Photo 3 To allow for continued successful programming, installation of new design features, and ongoing management of the park, Southwest has committed to an additional donation in 2016. We’ve left our heart in México City and invite you to join us by visiting Foro Lindbergh the next time you’re in town or visit one of our other Heart of the Community project sites in a city near you! In 2014, Southwest announced a multi-year commitment to creating and revitalizing open, public places in the heart of cities through the Heart of the Community program. In partnership with Project for Public Spaces, Southwest is committed to leveraging the power of placemaking to strengthen connections between people and the places they share. To learn more and for a map of our current projects, visit