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We Named Him Bandit

Explorer B
Southwest is a constant source of support for the volunteer efforts of every Employee. Many Employees have donated their time, and a lot of great charities have benefited from the help and donations the Company has made. You never really realize just how much these donations mean until you or your family needs some assistance, or at least I didn't until recently.
On July 4th, we rescued a dog--a two-year-old corgi who was an underweight, shaggy, dirty mess.  It didn't take us long to fall in love with him, and for him to quickly become our newest family member.  We named him Bandit.
I have three children and they couldn't wait to play with Bandit. At first he wasn't playing very much, just mostly laying around and taking a lot of naps. He also wasn't gaining any weight but I just figured most of this was due to unfamiliar surroundings, and him getting used to us but I was wrong.
My Coworker, Denise, who did volunteer work for Best Friends of Pets, let me know about getting Bandit neutered and offered to help us with his rescue. After having him for about a week, it was time to take him in and get him neutered. Needless to say, Bandit was not happy with us but he didn't really have much choice. The veterinarian gave him a full check-up and the news unfortunately was not good.  Bandit had heartworms, and we were heartbroken.  It was going to be very expensive to treat him for heartworms.
We were devastated.
As my husband and I were trying to decide what to do, Best Friends of Pets offered us some help.  Well, a lot of help actually.  They offered to pay for most of his treatment and we were grateful beyond words.
For those of you who don't know about heartworm treatment for dogs, it is not easy.  Bandit had to be given arsenic shots and then had to be crated for about a month. We had to make sure he was kept calm at all times.  He was not allowed outside except for on a leash, and was not to get excited at all. Not easy, especially once he started to feel better.  It was all worth it, of course, and we would do it again if we needed to.  For those of us who are animal lovers, I am sure you understand.  Once they become a part of the family, you will do anything you possibly can for them.
Bandit is now a happy, healthy dog.  He plays all the time and is constantly wagging his tail. He will fetch until it feels like your arm will fall off! We are so grateful to Denise and Best Friends for all their help.  Denise and Michelle, another lady from the rescue, have now started a new rescue to help animals called "Forever Yours Dog Rescue." My husband and I are already planning on helping them in any way we can.  I can never thank them enough for all they did, and continue to do, for all the pets they save.  Bandit would not have made it without them!
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Explorer C
What a great story! Thanks for sharing, and a reminder to all whose pets do not have heartworms, help keep it that way by giving heartworm prevention meds once a month all year long!