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Aviator C


After so many serious topics lately, we thought it might be time to dust off the ol' Write Your Own Caption feature.  This time, we have a Southwest Pilot conducting the preflight walk around inspection (click on pic to enlarge)Okay, all you witty inhabitants of the blogosphere, it's your turn to come up with a caption.

Explorer C
i have the same unable to connect error. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling with no luck. I can only enter the airport. There is no scroll window to register or entering member number. i called your 800iflyswa and they say read the faq's because that's all they know. no help. very dissatisfied.
Explorer C
I know exactly what you mean about the lack of a scroll bar. I don't get it either. So how the heck do we get this fixed??? Is there ANYONE out there who has had this error and fixed it?????
New Arrival
My issue with Ding! is the same as Marcia's. It used to work and then a month ago it stopped working. I deleted it and tried to resubmit it and now it doesn't work at all!!!
Explorer C
I'm having the same Ding problems. I have installed/uninstalled/installed this thing and still can't get it to connect. There is no place to enter a zip code and when you hit "update registration" I get the same "can't connect" message. PLEASE HELP. I want to fly SWA often, but not having access to the specials is a real problem. Any solutions?
Explorer C
About the ding problems...I've had the same experience with installing/uninstalling and it not working or being able to communicate and register, AND I finally got it to work. I read a comment somewhere about antivirus settings. Here is what I found. I'm running windows XP service pak 2 and IE 7. I have my XP firewall off but I also run McAfee full security package and that also has a firewall which is on. I found that I had to do 2 things in McAfee....enable the URL of * and I had to enable the program permissions because I found they were blocked. Once I did this I restarted my PC, deleted (removed through add/remove components) ding, reinstalled ding, and it worked.
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THANK YOU SCOTT! I have had issues with registering DING for sometime since I updated my system! You fix worked!
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This is probably not the correct place for this question, but I can't figure out anywhere else at Southwest to send it. Suddenly DING! has stopped working on my computer. I still get the messages -- but when I click on the message to get the details, my browser opens and hangs up forever while trying to connect. I've made DING and Southwest trusted URLs in my firewall, and uninstalled/reinstalled twice -- all to no avail. HELP! I want those bargain fares!!! Thanks -- I hope you can help. Joann
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Ding: Such a thorn of a program from such a rose of an airline. Thanks to Scott for suggesting the solution that worked. Now I'll have to find something else to do with all the time I spent playing with firewalls, antivirus programs, reinstalling, hiring a priest for an exorcism, etc. Southwest: Please improve your FAQ's on the Ding.
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Awsome fix for Ding not working! The person who posted this....2. Hi - about the southwest ding unable to connect problem. The solution is usually simple. select the airport you want to add. DO NOT press update registration (or you will get the unable to connect message). scroll down in the window to the bottom of the page. Enter your zip code (dont bother with membership number) then hit the register button. After you register (at the bottom of the page) you will be able to update your registration by clicking the Ã
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I cant get DING! To work. Its driving me nuts considering I know people finding such better deals than me! I have my windows firewall off. Its says communication error. I have the southewest and ding.southwest websites as trusted sites. I sometimes get it to say READY on the bottom but it never lets me register. Then today after playign with it I finally got to choose airports- when I went to hit register I got an error message and los it again! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. I have IE 6, Windows XP, and Norton ANtivirus. I even have turned the firewall off. I installed and uninstalled. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
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I LOVE how you have a peanut free policy on board when there is someone with a peanut allergy. By offering that, you are highly praised by the allergy community. I have a suggestion that would really help, though. There are a rare number of those who suffer from peanut allergies who cannot even be in the room with a peanut. My daughter is one of them. She has reacted to peanuts in sealed plastic bags, to people eating Snickers around her, etc... On our last flight, the lady behind us ignored the request of the crew to not eat any peanut items on board. My daughters eyes began swelling. Luckily, it was only an hour long flight. There has to be in place some sort of way for the cabin crew to enforce this request, when the person with the allergy is this allergic. They can enforce the no smoking rule - and that's more of a convenience issue. Come on, Southwest - see what you can do. My daughter has reacted on three out of the last four flights we have been on. Every time she has a reaction, it gets worse - the nature of the beast. Thanks! Leslie
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Explorer C
My husband and I love southwest! Have yet to be let down! So ok am wondering, does anyone know IF and When SW will be flying into Daytona Beach?..We travel alot and have freinds in Daytona .Would make it so much easier to fly right into it ,instead of Orlando 😞 If anyone has any update on the possibilty of SW flying into Daytona would greatly appreciate it! Oh ,and wonder if they will ever fly into Syracuse,NY??..Family lives in upstate and as of now SW only flys into Albany. Thanks in advance! and Love SW!
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Somebody missed a spot!
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Problems trying to update my information with the update registration from the DING application. Display " is not available". Have tried this behind our company firewal and in front. Also tried from my home. I am able to access from internet explorer but the DISN application will not register. I first thought it was an issue with our proxy server but after placing a PC on the outside of our proxy firewall I got the same error. Called southwest support and they step me through some simple troubleshooting steps that did not resolve the problem, then blamed my Internet Service Provider. Can someone from Southwest post the ISP requirements to allow DING to work, not that the ISP will change anything but it is worth a try I guess.
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I just wanted to know why your airlines does not allow small pets. Air tran does and many others, I love flying southwest and have for many years but I have a small pet and love to travel with her, and know I have to take my business else where. I think If you charge a fee like the others do you would have alot more customers flying with you especially the flights to and from florida alot of the snow birds want there animals with them. thanks lisa
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all of a sudden I'm getting an error - unable to load Ding Configuration Files - anyone know why this is happening? TIA
Explorer C
I want to fly to Atlanta! When will Southwest fly to Atlanta?
Explorer C
There is a folder that contains the data for Ding after uninstalling it . Simply delete the whole folder. ItÃ
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Son of a gun! Look where my gum landed.
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I've tried several times to get DING working. I've allowed the sites ( and on all firewalls (Norton and Windows). I have cable internet connection with no problems with any other sites or applications. In the SWA FAQ it said if you can access in your browser window then you can access from DING. Well, I can access it from my browser, but in DING I get this message: "A communication error has occurred. Please check your Internet connection and click "retry" to attempt to connect". My connection is fine, so I'm at a loss of what to do. Help please.
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With all the comments which are clearly mostly on the side of allowing pets in the cabins, Can someone from SW please answer the questions of when they will begin allowing pets to travel in the cabin. I hate giving my business to other companies, but until SW changes this rule, I have no choice. Miy dog and my daughters dog are exactly as one person stated "equally a member of our family". And quite honestly, cleaner than many passengers I've had to sit next too and behave much, much better than many children I've seen traveling with their parents. Doesn't make any sense what's so ever. Please explain your theory and let me know when this rule will be changed so I can come back to SW with my business. Please respond as soon as possible as I'm booking a round trip for two from Dallas to Jersey times (2) within the next couple of weeks and would like to have our doggies with us on SW if possible, if not, we'll have to continue to go to a competitor, which we really hate having to do. Donna
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YOU HAVE GOT TO CONSIDER allowing pets on. We also fly 5-6 times a year and now for valentines day a got a 4lb dog that I cant bring on YOUR airlines. We had to book with another airline. Please consider how many people have pets they love to bring with them.
Explorer C
I only recently in the past 8 months started flying on Southwest Airlines; thrilled with the affordable direct flights and flying weekly up to Albany to see my family. In addition I used Southwest twice to go back to Colorado. I travel often and was planning to continue my weekly trips to Albany for the summer until I looked into your pet policies. I was shocked and rather disgusted to learn that Southwest does not allow pets on flights! I haven't looked into every discount carrier but so far all of them allow animals on board. Southwest Airlines, why should I continue to fly with you when you would require me to put my puppy into a kennel! That is ridiculous and I will discontinue using your airlines. A 50 minute flight is fast and not a big deal. Why not start out with short trips or something to show us pet owners you care! I agree with Tomiko's comment from this past February, YOU HAVE TO CONSIDER ALLOWING PETS.
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Like the person somewhere down this list, I too have a 5lb. Yorkshire Terrier and whenever we fly to our second home in Colorado we have to take one of the "evil" competitors. Sadly "Oliver" cannot enjoy the wonderful planes and staff of Southwest. I think it's time to rethink the policy of in-cabin pets.
Explorer C
I realize I am off the topic of this post but I would like to join the chorus of pro in-cabin comments and this seems the place to do it. I have a small dog (MinPin) weighing 12lbs. I fly 4 or 5 times a year and he always travels with me. We fly on Continental, Delta, Southwest and United. It would appear that Southwest is the only airline that does not accomodate in-cabin pets. I have enjoyed flying Souhwest in the past but due to this policy I have not used your airline in 4 years. I would like to resume patronage of Southwest as the route schedules are more convenient for my regular destinations. In four years Southwest has missed at least 10 revenue making opportunities with me, not including the additional revenue from the pet fees. It would be interesting to know the cost/benefit analysis behind this policy. From my perspective it is a lose lose for Southwest. You lose loyal customers and the opportunity to expand your user base and you lose out on the real revenue provided by the pet fee.
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I have read the pet requests but have not seen a comment from someone at Southwest which disappoints me. I was considering buying a puppy in Las Vegas to return home with because he has been sitting in a shelter for months. I fly Southwest 4 to 5 times a month average and love the service I recieve. With the economy and lack of pet adoptions I really hope Southwest will consider there policy. We are living in hardtimes and if someone has the ability to save an animal then Southwest should offer the ability for them to bring it home. I will be taking a different airline home on this trip and may start taking my business to airlines that understand how important pets are to their owners.