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We’re Headed to The Big Game—Puppy Bowl!


The Big Game is finally here, and we are gearing up to celebrate the two teams that made it to the best game of the year … Team Ruff and Team Fluff are taking it to the turf to compete in Puppy Bowl!


Each year, Puppy Bowl brings some of the most adorable dogs together for this fun show that also serves the important purpose of sharing stories of animal adoption and highlighting animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country.


Southwest Airlines Puppy Bowl 2023.jpg


We had the opportunity to play a small part in this year’s event as we transported puppies selected to participate in Puppy Bowl. Gumdrop, Avalanche, and Peanut are puppies who competed in Puppy Bowl (check out the photos of the adorable Puppy Bowl participants), and they were adopted from Lifeline Puppy Rescue outside of Denver. Our Employees at Denver had some fun with them in the Gate Area prior to their boarding. Since this was a promotional event, the puppies were able to play in the airport but then loaded up in their Southwest carriers and remained in the carriers for the duration of the flight.



We continued the fun at Denver International Airport by hosting a Surprise & Delight Pup Rally with Employees and Phoenix-bound Customers. Customers enjoyed Puppy Bowl trivia in the gate area (with PAWsome t-shirts for prizes), as well as a special visit by puppies from Lifeline Puppy Rescue. The Southwest Employees in Denver went above and beyond to make the Pup Rally memorable with gate decorations, refreshments, and photo opportunities. Customers boarded the flight through a decorated jetbridge that included Puppy Bowl posters and were given Puppy Bowl beanies and puppy giveaway bags as a memento of the fun flight.


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Employees and Customers can tune in to a dog-gone good time with the Puppy Bowl On Demand TV Channel on the Inflight Entertainment Portal, which features past Puppy Bowl favorites, including last year's game “Puppy Bowl XVIII,” “Puppy Bowl XVIII: Where Are They Now,” and “Journey to Puppy Bowl,” which follows the three puppies from Lifeline Puppy Rescue as they travel to compete in the Puppy Bowl.