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We've Got a Runner

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When it comes to bag fees, they're not just baggage handlers - they're the law.  The boys in blue are kicking bag in the latest Bags Fly Free campaign: Good Cop, Bag Cop.  They're ramped up, they're hardcore, and they're back!
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You folks are nuts! Peanuts! Peanuts for everyone! I love it!
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Southwest Airlines has ALWAYS been the 'good guys' in aviation~! They hire great people, and RETAIN them! This campaign is awesome, and I hope it has reflected in ticket sales for the airline. SW has maintained a positive marketing strategy for decades, and people like that. Love knowing that some of these characters on the commercials are really employees!! If I have a choice, I will ALWAYS fly Southwest!~
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I love this ad! How can it not make you laugh? My favorite part is the driver making the siren noise...too funny. I've loved flying Southwest from the very beginning....can't remember a flight I didn't enjoy. Great PR, great employees. Obviously care about employess & customers. It shows in how happy & genuine the employees are...