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Welcome Back!

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The Southwest Blog Crew hopes that everyone had a great Holiday Season, and we thought we would start out the New Year with some Holiday photos from James Malone--see below!
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Just thought I'd show you what was posted on Marine Mom's Online website. Your airlines and customer service went above and beyond my expectations and I had to let them know. Being the mom of a Marine, when they are allowed to come home, it's nice to know your airline went above and beyond the call of duty. WE ON THE MMO SITE ARE THANKFUL FOR YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YOUR SUPPORT OF OUR SERVICE PERSONELL. If you would like to check out all the other comments here is the site Thanks again, for EVERYTHING Rhonda Elliott Tippecanoe, IN Southwest Airlines Â
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..traveling home... into Seattle rain.. on the wings of an a n g e ... what an angel he was... 😃
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Rhonda, As a military member myself I will only fly Southwest Airlines. They have always gone above and beyond for me.
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I didn't know where to post this, hope it is seen by the "Powers to be". I booked a flight on the internet for my 85 year old Mother to New York, and I wanted you to know how courteous and caring she was treated at OIA at curbside checkin. The young man, I didn't get his name, treated her wonderfully, made sure her boarding pass showed she needed a wheel chair when she reached her destination and made us feel confident she would be alright and assured us he would wheel out to the gate himself. A very professional Company and employees. I would not hesitate to fly Southwest or recommend you to my friends. Again, thank you so much.
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I can't think of a good spot to put this, so I'll just throw it in here. The New Year has dawned with another honor for one of our favorite SWA Employees, but it was in small print on the back page of the business section and may have been overlooked by many people. Although I normally would compare trusting a lawyer with a bunch of banks' money similar to hiring a fox to guard the henhouse, in this instance, I believe a hearty congratulations is in order. So, kudos to Herb Kelleher on being named to the nine-member Board of Directors of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank. For those of you who are familiar with or your hobby is coin and/or paper money collecting, you may be aware that the code for the Dallas FRB that is printed on each of our pieces of currency is a "K". Now we will know that it stands for "Kelleher"! Another well-deserved honor and recognition of an incredible man's many talents. Wonder how many other FRB directors have run a company that has been profitable for over 31 consecutive years while its competitors are swimming in red ink? Way to go, Herb! Kim 🙂
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I am trying to book flights for late May and July. This is January 16th and it is not possible to book after May 10. A lot of people book summer holidays 6 months in advance-you are going to lose customers to other airlines because of your policy.
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Will SW ever have the $49 special between SLC and LV again? You used to but it has been way over 1 1/2 years since you did. Also, do you consider Nevada and Utah to be NW states or Midwest States/ Thanks--Judy