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Welcome back, Brian!

Frequent Flyer A
I’m sure many of you noticed a missing link on the blog over the past couple of months. The FlyerTalk forums have also been strangely absent. The cause? Our own Brian Lusk broke his “wing” while on a trip in PDX back in October.

Thanks to his family, friends, and physical therapy, we are happy to have Brian back in the fold!

Puns, aviation history, and overall merriment may now resume.
Aviator C
Lindsey, This was a real surprise, but it is great to be back at work. My time away from work was the longest of my adult life, and I went totally stir crazy. I may do a post about my "arm time," but in the meantime, thanks. And thanks for covering my duties the past two months Lindsey. What she didn't tell you is that she has been doing most of my duties, blog and otherwise in my absence, so I know Lindsey is happy to see me. Mended Broken Arm Blog Boy
Frequent Flyer C
So, Lindsey has been eating all of the candycorn? I thought is was swablog guy? safely sealed in bubblewrap for your protection. Ding! boy Joe
Adventurer C
Welcome back Brian. I believe I posted last year about taking a forced vacation. My exact words were "don't take it". You should have listened!
Aviator C
Yeah, Bert, I shoulda listened to you. Ding Boy, I actually received a surgical glove filled with candy corn. It was really kinda creepy.
Explorer A
Yes!!! Now that "BL's" back, all is right again in SWALand!
Adventurer B
Hi Brian! Glad you're back and on the mend! :o)) Raphael
Welcome back, Blog Boy! Now, whatever it was that you did to shatter your arm....DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!