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Southwest Airlines Community

Welcome to Southwest Stories on the Southwest Airlines Community!



On April 21, 2006, Southwest boldly went where no other airline or many Fortune 500 companies had gone before—into the blogosphere. With our blog, Nuts About Southwest, our Company truly ventured into uncharted online territory, and what a successful journey it has been!


Now in our 10th year, we are once again blazing an online trail by combining our storytelling platform with a support forum that allows Customers to interact with each other (as well with Southwest Employees) to find the information they need to make traveling on Southwest easier and more enjoyable. 


Together, these two online spaces—Southwest Stories and the Discussion Forum—make up the Southwest Community!


While one allows Customer-to-Customer support on some of our most frequently asked questions, the other will inspire you with stories from the heart involving Customers and Employees, as well as insider travel tips and information on exciting travel destinations you may need to add to your wish list.  


Every Seat has a Story … Join the Community and Tell us Yours!
I invite you to join the Southwest Community and start looking around.  I know you will find it an invaluable resource whether you’re preparing for your first flight or have flown Southwest 100 times. Information on boarding, check-in, general travel policies, special travel assistance, and Rapid Rewards are just a click away.  And as the Community grows, so will the information and expertise contained in this site. 


We encourage you to share not only your expertise, but also your stories involving Southwest.  For long-time fans of our social media channels, you know that when you mix our outstanding Employees with our wonderful Customers, you can get some remarkable situations.  And we want to hear about them! Submit your story here for consideration to be featured in the Stories section of the Community.


Almost a decade ago I said, “I believe Southwest’s blog is just one more terrific example of our maverick behavior.  We might be nearly 36 years old, but we still have the passion and the agility to stay relevant and current with the way our Employees and Customers are communicating in today’s social media communities.”


In 2016, I’m proud to say that this statement still rings true. The Southwest Community is the next incarnation of Southwest’s online presence and will be a place where Customers can share stories, exchange knowledge, and find inspiration. This Community is for you—come in and stay a while!