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What Am I? A Reader's Revenge

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This comes to us from Customer Kim Seale. Regular readers will be familiar with Kim  because he is a regular contributor to Nuts About Southwest. I thought it was time to turn the tables on James Malone with his "somewhat" challenging guess the objects posts.  So on a recent trip, I snapped this photo.  Let's see if you and James can guess what it is. (Click on the pic to enlarge) Blog photo.jpg   Kim sent this followup, and he has learned that you can't fool an expert. Okay, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to never try to fool James Malone again.  This man knows airplanes inside out and from such bizarre visual angles that I don't even want to know how he has learned.  My second Resolution is that I should not underestimate my intelligent and perceptive fellow Southwest bloggers.  Despite my feeble efforts to throw you offtrack, the fact of the matter is that almost all of you correctly guessed it.  That IS the hinge at the rear of a seatback tray table.  Here is the larger, uncropped photo that will make it clear to those of you who didn't get it: Kims full size photo.JPG I had hoped that the build-up of an unknown substance around the screw head and the tight cropping would trick everyone, but the problem is that for security reasons, there are just a limited number of places I can roam around inside a 737 with my camera without having to answer a lot of questions from people in uniforms.    Congratulations to everyone who "got it", and for the rest of ya, you're confined to the rear lav for the rest of your flight.   Kim   🙂