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What Are You Thankful For?

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On a recent trip to Austin, I took a few minutes to ask Employees what they like about their jobs at Southwest Airlines. With the current economic environment, you might think job security would be the first thing out of their mouths. While I’m sure that’s on the list, you might be surprised to hear what Employees had to say.


Everyone had a different take on why they were thankful for their job at Southwest. Many said they are grateful for the Freedom to be who they want to be at work. My personal favorite line is “If I’m still laughing, I’m not leaving, that’s my mantra,” by Customer Service Agent and 30-year Employee, Carroll Hertzog. Or “A fun day at work is when I get to make a toilet paper birthday cake or a peanut crown,” by Flight Attendant and eight-year Employee, Lynn Kennedy. That’s what I’d call a fun day too!


So I thought I’d share this great video with all of you the week of Thanksgiving. I hope you work somewhere that gives you the Freedom to enjoy what you do each and every day!


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I notice this video features a certain SWA blogger, Mr. Gordon Guillory. It would have been funny if the Communications bees from Halloween had swarmed him from behind, or if he had been interviewed in a beekeeper's suit. 🙂