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What You Can Expect For The Holiday


The Employees of Southwest Airlines have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Holiday.

We give thanks for our freedom to fly home for the holidays.  We are thankful that during these turbulent times we have job security and a Leader we can trust.  We are also thankful for YOU, our Employees and Customers!  Without our loyal Customers, our Red-Bellied beauties would not be in the sky.

Across the system, Employees of Southwest Airlines are excited to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our Customers.  During the week of Thanksgiving, Southwest gates will display exactly who we are thankful for; our Family, our freedom, our Employees, our troops, and our Customers. 

For our Customers traveling November 27, you will be given a thankful kiss from our Flight Crew (Not really!).  Southwest has teamed up with Hersey’s chocolate to provide a Hersey Kiss for our Customers on each of our originating flights.  Our Customers of legal drinking age will also receive their first beverage of choice on the aircraft for free!  Will you make that a Wild Turkey? 

At Southwest Airlines, we make traveling on the holidays FUN for our Customers and Employees.  Thank you for spending the holiday with us!  And be sure and watch the blog next week to share the Thanksgiving Spirit with our Blog Team.

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the idea of every one alchol that is leagal age . Is that a good idea concidering national security ????..... is giving your passengers items containing sugar a good idea for children (ie making them hyper on an airplane??) the idea of making your costumer feel appreciated should be done in other manners as in my opinion discounts on flights..........
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Dear Anonymous - are you sure your name isn't Ebanezer?
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>>>are you sure your name isn't Ebanezer? Well, we know it's not Daniel Webster... ;) I think SWA's gestures are nice...
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PLEASE THANK YOUR CREW FOR MISSING TIME WITH THEIR LOVED ONES SO YOU CAN BE WITH YOURS ON THANKSGIVING!! One of the pilots may be my best friend who will be in the middle of a four day trip over the long weekend. He loves his job, but I know it's not easy for him to be away from family and friends on holidays...a quick "thanks" or a wave and a smile is always appreciated; but especially on Thanksgiving.
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What? Information indicates Terrorists had a cocktail first? They were on a sugar high? A single drink, a single "kiss" - sounds like the beginning of a blessed day! Thursday as I count my blessings, I will include Southwest Airlines and their caring employees who are away from their families to serve us. I am thankful for my discount fare. Thank you SWA!