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What does Southwest Airlines Give Me The Freedom to do? Jeff Lamb

Adventurer C
There isn't one "Freedom" that stands out to me.  Southwest's Culture is like an entire 'constitution' of Freedoms.  SWA has given me the Freedom to serve our community through several Share the Spirit events like playing baseball with special needs kids from The Miracle League of Arlington.  SWA has given me the Freedom to put others first and teach Servant Leadership.  SWA has given me the Freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.  SWA has given me the Freedom to really get to know and care about the People I work with on a regular basis.  SWA has given me the Freedom to have another Family that LUVs and protects each other.  To sum it up I'll quote my daughter a few weeks after she had quit playing competitive soccer.  Her former team had just moved up in the polls to hold the #1 ranking in the nation for their age group. Upon seeing the newest rankings her older sister asked her, "Does that (#1 ranking) make you want to rejoin the team?" To which, my daughter replied, "Heavens no, now that I've tasted Freedom...I could never go back!"  Now that I've tasted Freedom at SWA for two and a half years....I could never go back.