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What does Southwest Airlines give me the Freedom to do? Carole Adams

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Southwest Airline gives me the Freedom to retire.  After spending 16 years as a stay-at-home mom, one year as a Speech Therapist in the public schools, and five years in a mom and pop business at no pay, I was way behind the curve on retirement.  I recently had five different advisors review my IRA accounts.  They were all amazed at what I have been able to save in 23 years of  systematic savings in Southwest's 401K,  ProfitSharing, and ESSP programs.  I have also maximized my productivity by flying extra trips-- something not all airlines allow their Flight Attendants to do.  On January 9, 2008, I can retire.  A cruise to Tahiti-- $4,000.00.  A well-made rocking chair--$800.00.  Peace of mind--priceless!