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What is LUV (Mail)? And Other Blog Enhancements

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I know how your morning went down.  Your synchronized yawn-and-stretch routine happened as it always does.  You almost tripped on a Tonka truck on your way to the bathroom.  You groggily stumbled down the stairs to prepare for your weekly battle with Monday.  Your morning cup finished brewing, you settled in, and you checked to see what was new on Nuts About Southwest.
You spit out your coffee.  What is THIS?!

Yep, the blog elves (my affectionate descriptor for our awesome friends at RD2) worked diligently through the night to deliver to you our next refresh to Nuts About Southwest.  I now get to reap all the benefits, and also tell you what's what with the new changes.
LUV Mail:
What is LUV Mail
Looking to submit LUV Mail?  Use our Southwest Airlines Feedback Form!
LUV Mail will be displayed on the main page, and on the LUV Mail tab.  A LUV Mail entry looks like this:
LUV Mail Example
As you can see, you can now share posts with your Google+ network, if you have an account on that platform.  The last significant piece of LUV Mail features the SWA Star of the Month:
SWA Star
Melissa is tops, and she'll be featured through the month of July.
The rest of the blog's changes are mostly cosmetic.  You avid Nuts fans will notice you can now simply scroll down and auto-populate new content and comments, instead of having to click to new pages.
Featured Comments:
It is now possible to "LUV" a comment.  With enough "LUV Its," a comment will be displayed as a "Featured Comment":
Featured Comments
More Ways to Go Nuts:
More Ways to Go Nuts
We're always looking for FUN new ways to connect with our great Customers, and we've added a few places for you to interact with us.  Pinterest, Foodspotting, and Instagram are the new additions.
Facebook Connect:

Facebook Connect

We recommend connecting your profile with Facebook, in order to more seamlessly enter contests, and earn awesome badges based on how you're interacting with Nuts About Southwest.
Again, these improvements couldn't have happened without our good buddies at RD2.  If you're confused about any of these changes, or think something isn't working how it's supposed to, please let us know in the comments!
Blog on!
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