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What is a Business Travel Airline?

Explorer C
As we celebrate our 38th Anniversary this week, I got to wondering about what defines an airline as a "business travel" airline? First class service? Assigned seats? International destinations? Certainly these amenities make business travel convenient, but according to the survey respondents for the 2009 American Brand Excellence study, a "business travel" airline is one that focuses on Customer  Service, value, has solid  Leadership, product differentiation, ethics, relevance and momentum. For 2009, one company met all these criteria, and not only was named the top airline for small & medium business (SMB) travel, but the top overall brand for SMB's; that company was Southwest Airlines!
While the award we received is addressed to Southwest Airlines, it is more appropriate to address congratulations to the People of Southwest Airlines. The 35,000+ men and women of Southwest Airlines make it their mission to serve every Customer with Positively Outrageous Services on each of our 3,300+ daily flights. Because of our People and the service that they are committed to providing, they have made Southwest Airlines #1 with SMB's around the country. Additionally a big thanks should be given to our Customers. Without our great  Customers, our People would have no one to serve. Your loyalty and 38 years of support has helped us become the largest domestic carrier and the #1 overall travel company and brand for small and mid-size businesses.  
Adventurer B
To me, business travel on flights are dressed up flight attendants (I have no problem with dressing up-I LUV to!-but when you're on your feet a lot, I'm for casual clothes if it's appropriate like it is on SWA) & serious employees who can't or don't make the FA safety demonstration fun, who don't dress up on holidays, or who don't decorate for the holidays, etc. I do have a serious side, but am all for having fun! That's one reason why Southwest is the only airline I'd ever work for! 🙂 Oh, I do agree with the examples you gave, too, Rob! SWA LUV! 🙂
Explorer C
A business airline doesn't have flight attendants that tell cutesy jokes, sing songs or otherwise annoy me over the PA while I'm trying to get work done before or during the flight. Recently took my first (and last) flight on SWA. While boarding the flight and talking to a client in the destination city our flight attendant gets on the PA and SINGS A SONG ABOUT SOUTHWEST. I couldn't hear my client, my client could hear this ridiculous song and I looked like a chump telling my client I was on "Southwest" and I'd call him back after this nonsense was over. Really? That's how you're going to get business travelers? Business travelers want: 1) assigned seating 2) priority boarding 3) quiet to sleep, or get work done, or relax I understand SWA's philosophy, but it simply does not work for business people. Stick with your current ways and continue to focus on leisure travelers.