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What's Your 2012 Travel Resolution?

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Happy New Year 2012!  I love turning over a new page in the calendar with a fresh start; there’s something that’s so exciting about a blank slate.  And, I love receiving a fresh batch of vacation days—this means it’s time to start dreaming about what trips to take and what types of adventures might be in store for 2012. 

And this year, with an extra day “leaping” in February, there are 366 opportunities to get out there and make good on your travel resolutions for 2012!  Travel Resolutions can come in all shapes and sizes…you could aim to travel to all 50 states.  Or see the sunrise on one coast and the sunset on the other.  Perhaps you’re on a quest to find the best burger in America?  Or maybe you’d like to travel to specific historic battlefields.  Maybe you’re an airline geek and you want to try flying on a different aircraft type than before.  Or, maybe your resolution is to rack up A-List status because of your frequent flights on Southwest.  One thought is to help create a travel book and journal for someone special who can't travel themselves by visiting a place that's always been a dream for them and creating a gift through photos and memories.  Perhaps your travel resolutions revolve around your family—taking that “princess” of yours on a trip to Disney or seeing your grandson’s face light up when Shamu makes a splash!  Is this the year you resolve to take a special Veteran in your life to finally reflect upon the memorials in Washington D.C. in person?  Or maybe you’re simply resolving to make special memories by being together with family or friends throughout the year—whenever life’s big events pop up.

My travel resolution for 2012 is to make some progress on one of my “bucket list” items which is to celebrate each holiday in the city that does it best!  I’ve already been able to cross some off my list over the past several years: New Year’s in Vegas; Independence Day in Washington, D.C. one year, Bristol, RI another year, and then the Philadelphia Fourth of July Parade another; and cheering on a winning race horse at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville.  And this year, I made it to the Rose Bowl Parade for New Years—so fun!  But, I still have a long ways to go… What could the year hold?  Mardi Gras in New Orleans, St. Patty’s Day in Chicago (or Dublin), Thanksgiving at the Macy’s Parade (or at Plymouth, Massachusetts), New Year’s Eve in Times Square?   We’ll just have to see!

No matter where your travel resolutions may take you, I hope that in 2012 you take some time to get out there and explore this wide wonderful world.  Would love to hear about your plans for travel in the coming year in the comments below!  Here's to happy and safe travels in 2012!

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This year will have 2 of the most important trips of any other year. The first trip is when my fiance and I will be flying home to Kansas City get married!!!! The second trip is to go on our honeymoon! This will be a great year of travel for us!