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What’s on your Calendar? Campus Reach Spotlight with Organizational Development Intern Selyne Singh


Southwest’s Campus Reach program is all about getting Interns involved in real work from day one, but do you ever wonder what an Intern really does? Dive into this Intern’s calendar for a glimpse into a day-in-the-life of Organizational Development Intern Selyne Singh.




In my role as an Intern at Southwest, I receive opportunities to work on a variety of different projects across many of our operational workgroups. Currently, I serve as the Organizational Development Intern in our People Department (what Southwest calls HR).


I work alongside the Talent Management Team on initiatives that support performance development within the Company. This semester, I’ve participated on projects directly impacting Leadership development, assisted with survey creation, and had the opportunity to have fun along the way. Here is a glimpse into what a typical week looks like in my role.



My Team was recently tasked with learning more about Leadership competency gaps, so we spent time researching industry best practices. I worked with my Leader and the Leadership Development Intern to develop Leadership competencies and questions for a survey that would be sent out to Leaders at Southwest. Once the survey is completed, the results will help the Talent Management Team find ways to provide growth opportunities to Employees and enhance their Leadership training programs.



I started work on a week-long project in preparation for Southwest’s Spirit Week! During Spirit Week, all Employees demonstrate their Southwest Spirit by celebrating the traits associated with what we call Living the Southwest Way: Warrior Spirit, Servant’s Heart, and Fun-LUVing Attitude. Each day has a different theme that highlights some of our Core Values, many of which include an opportunity to dress up. In the People Department, we compete to win the Sprit Stick, all while celebrating the different aspects of Southwest Culture.


Throughout Spirit Week, I was involved with a lot of logistics like creating Spirit Week official guidelines, acquiring space for Teams to decorate, posting Spirit Week calendars around the People Department, and inviting Southwest Leaders to help with official judging of the Spirit Week contests. Spirit Week provided me with a more in-depth look into how important it is to show how work and play can go together and I am glad I was a part of it!



My Team and I focused on analyzing job descriptions, tasks, and requirements of our People. I was tasked with creating cross comparisons across various Leadership roles within Southwest. Prior to this internship, I had never done a job analysis before. Not only did I learn a new skill that I can take with me throughout my career, but I know my work on this project is meaningful and will be used to advance the progression of the Company.


We’re always on the hunt for People to join the Southwest Family! Check out Southwest Careers for the latest opportunities, then be sure to visit the Southwest Careers Discussion Forum with any questions you may have.



I attended the Southwest Leadership Summit, an event we host to develop, challenge, and inspire Southwest Leaders. Throughout the day, I listened to the sessions conducted by our Leaders and had the chance to chat with Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Gary Kelly. Awesome does not even begin to describe my experience at the Leadership Summit!



On Fridays, I often spend time finishing up any pending projects, meeting with my Team, or having one-on-one huddles with my Leader. In addition to official projects, I sometimes include extra items to my calendar to engage in growth opportunities. Adding voluntary assignments to my calendar definitely has enhanced my time here.




I’ve already grown so much personally and professionally throughout my time here. I look forward to the next project, event, or mentoring opportunity that is added to my calendar, because it is another opportunity for growth and development as a Southwest Intern.

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