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What's your poison?

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In life, most of us enjoy having options.  Whether it’s a meal, a movie, or even a date on Saturday night, we appreciate choices because frankly, every day we might want something a little different.  This truth applies to beverages, too.  Some of us have our traditional cup of morning joe every day without even thinking about it.  And some of us like to mix it up, sometimes having orange juice in the morning, or even a soda.  And in this day and age, we all like to have some healthier alternatives (whether or not you decide to partake, we at least feel better knowing we have the option).  

That’s why when we recently decided to introduce two new beverage options on our planes, I was thrilled.  A couple months ago, we began serving Coca-Cola Zero offering “real Coca-Cola taste and zero calories”.  Being a daily consumer of Coca-Cola, I was pleasantly surprised at how “real” it is.  As well, just last week we introduced Michelob Ultra.  This low-carb, light lager beer is only 95 calories and an excellent companion to our famous peanuts.  And don’t forget that we still offer a variety of other beverages, including our new LIFT coffee, new Coastal Ridge wines, juices, cocktails and more.  

So, next time you’re on a Southwest Airlines flight, we invite you to enjoy one of our many beverage options available (a full list is on our fancy new Inflight Menu in your seatback pocket).  Oh, and through the end of the year, Michelob Ultra is only $4…which makes it an even better option.  We know you have a choice when you fly (and when you drink), so thank you for choosing Southwest Airlines.  Cheers!