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“Where Are They Now?” Former Campus Reach Intern, Jenni Di Donato, Mobile Business Analyst

New Arrival

Internship semester:  Spring 2016


Internship Department/Team:  Digital Marketing, Mobile Team


Current Department/Team and job title:  BTS Marketing Team, Mobile Business Analyst


Time at Southwest:  13 months


Favorite Southwest city:  San Diego


Most memorable Southwest moment:  My first time in Los Angeles remains one of my favorite weekends as a Southwest Employee. I was headed for Seattle, but plans changed at the airport, and I ended up staying in LA with friends from my internship. This was an exercise in spontaneity and drove the shift from liking my internship to LUVing my internship.


First ever job:  Math tutor


Proudest Southwest moment: Winning the Servant’s Heart award during my internship


Words to live by: “At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou


Reasons other people should intern at Southwest: Interning at Southwest provides an opportunity to figuratively and literally take 35,000-foot view of your life. While internships are avenues for growing professionally and intellectually, the culture and community at Southwest serve as catalysts for reflection and personal development. If you are looking to grow in humility and your comfort with ambiguity, saying yes to a semester at Southwest is a no-brainer.


Ultimate Travel Tip: Consider investing in a portable phone charger so you have a backup power source for those unexpected moments of need!