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Where are they Now? Former Campus Reach Intern, Marnie Brown

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We’re often asked if Campus Reach Interns are ever hired for full-time employment after their internship. Our answer: we love hiring Interns! The Campus Reach Program has built a talent acquisition pipeline here at Southwest, so you will see many of our former Interns roaming the hallways now as full-time Southwest Employees. 


Marnie Brown interned on the Corporate and Integrated Communication Team back in summer 2014 and 2015 and is now an Assistant Manager for Integrated Planning & Delivery in Marketing. Read on to learn more about her journey.


     Heart     Interested in becoming a Southwest Employee? Visit our Southwest Careers Discussion Forum to learn more about joining our Team. 




Year/semester of internship: Summer 2014, and again Summer 2015


Department/Team interned for: Corporate Communication, Communication & Outreach; Department Planning – Integrated Communications, Marketing


Department/Team and current job title: Assistant Manager, Integrated Planning & Delivery, Marketing


Years at Southwest: Three


Favorite Southwest city: Nashville


Most memorable Southwest moment/event: It’s hard to beat my stint as Chompie Jr., the Discovery Shark Week mascot, for a Southwest/Discovery photoshoot when I was the Corporate Communications Intern. I got to dress up in a shark mascot costume on a toasty July afternoon posing in an off-duty aircraft—it remains my claim to fame! Every time you see a Southwest Shark Week mascot picture, it may be !


First ever job: My very first job was working as a camp counselor, where I taught archery and canoeing.


Proudest Southwest moment: I’ve had a lot of great Southwest moments, but one of my proudest was revealing the winning Team for our Heroes of the Heart Award. This is an annual award given to a behind-the-scenes Team that has gone above and beyond. I got to plan a Wheel of Fortune-themed reveal for this Companywide award.


Words to live by: “Assume positive intent.”


Reasons other people should intern at Southwest: I loved being an Intern at Southwest—so much so that I did it twice. The Campus Reach Internship program provides incredible opportunities for growth. Interns are given real-world, interesting, and challenging work, but they are also supported constantly. From one-on-one time with Managers to resume reviews and Intern bonding events, the Campus Reach program provides valuable opportunities for students to learn, grow, and get real-world experience—my favorite part is that you get to have a lot of fun doing it!. I loved taking advantage of flight privileges, happy hour “Deck Parties” every Monday, and being surrounded by People who take their work—but not themselves—too seriously. They just might hand you a shark mascot costume to put on at any given moment!


Ultimate Travel Tip: Always have headphones and a book handy!