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Where are they now series: Caitrin Battle

Adventurer B





Year/semester of internship:  Spring 2015 and summer 2016


Department/Team interned for:  Marketing and Revenue Management


Department/Team and current job title:  Revenue Management; Market Strategy Yield Analyst


Years at Southwest:  One


Favorite Southwest city:  Denver


Most memorable Southwest moment/event: My sister is a Flight Attendant, and I had the opportunity to fly on a flight she was working. I love that we are both a part of the Southwest Family.


First ever job:  I saddled horses for the summers at a guided horseback riding business starting when I was 12. 


Proudest Southwest moment: Presenting to the VP and other department Leaders on an innovative project that my Team member and I built from the ground up. It has been so rewarding watching an application be adopted into everyday use and seeing the positive revenue impact for the Company.


Words to live by: The future belongs to those who dream big.


Reasons other people should intern at Southwest:  You’ll gain irreplaceable skills to apply to your professional career, create unforgettable memories,  and gain lifelong friends along the way!


Ultimate Travel Tip: Always have a backup plan for your backup plan.