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Where everyone knows your name...

Explorer A
So...did an image of Sam, Norm, Cliff, or Woody just pop in your head? While I do love the TV show Cheers, I am referring to an attitude, lifestyle or personality. Several months ago, my job brought me back to Southwest's Headquarters building. Everyone is so friendly. Even people I've never met before. (My previous position was in a Field Marketing Regional Office--we were super friendly too. There were ten of us, and we all knew each other.) On my way up to my office each morning, I receive multiple "hellos," "how ya doings" or "have a great days." The Employees of Southwest enjoy welcoming each other. When I first started at Southwest, I thought this (greeting other Employees) must be part of a training class or something. It isn't...I checked. Honestly being friendly is just contagious. So if your place of employment isn't so friendly, try this for a week: Each morning, greet your Coworkers with a "Good Morning"' and include your Coworker's first name. It shouldn't take long, and you'll start a trend.