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Who LUVs You—Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: The Great Halloween Costume Reveal!

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Between the new livery, new international destinations, and the repeal of the Wright Amendment, it’s been a Hard Day’s Night of tedious work for Southwest Employees across the Company.  For years, we Let it Be, but with Fearless Leaders and A Little Help from our Friends, we decided to Come Together to accomplish these feats! Don’t Let Me Down, now is the time to Twist and Shout about these achievements.  Who better to lead the celebration than our own Fab Four who inspired us all to believe that All You Need is Love.  Give up All Your Loving for none other than Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Gary Kelly as Paul McCartney from The Beatles!  And, the rest of his band is here to Help! too—Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mike Van de Ven as Ringo, Executive Vice President and Chief People and Administrative Officer Jeff Lamb as John, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Bob Jordan as George, and their trusty variety show host, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer Ron Ricks as Ed Sullivan! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The Beatles will be Day Tripping around the Halloween extravaganza all day.  Let’s go have a rockin’ good HalloWN!