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Who or What will Gary be for Halloween

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As the last steamy days of summer continue to hold sway, it’s hard to realize that Halloween is just around the corner.  Especially if you are looking for just the right Halloween persona, there just isn’t much time left.  Our CEO, President, Chairman, and once-a-year Halloween star asked me to write this quick post because he out on the road right now in every corner of our system meeting with our Employees.

This is your chance to help select “who” or even “what” Gary will be this year.  The good folks at the Spirit Halloween Stores will then transform Gary into this year’s Halloween creature.

If you need inspiration from past years, Gary has played Gene Simmons of KISS, Old West Legend, Wild Bill Hickok, Captain Jack Sparrow, Edna Turnblad, and last year, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top.  

So let’s get creative, and be sure to think outside the box for Gary’s costume this year.  He LUVs to live his part to the fullest, and he is a great sport..  (Oh one thing to keep in mind, he had to shave his legs to portray Ms. Turnblad, so he’d like to keep his hair if that is possible.)  So leave Gary your suggestion, and on Halloween, tune to Nuts About Southwest for your first view of his 2009 “look."

Gary as Gene Simmons


As Wild Bill Hickok

Cap'n Jack Sparrow Gary

"Edna" does her ironing


"Billy Gibbons" and the "sharp-dressed" men.