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Who wants to meet me on the Porch?


That’s right, many of you remember the fantastic little project Southwest did as a part of our entrance into LaGuardia this summer, correct?  As many of you nod your heads, I’ll help out a few of those who are scratching theirs.  Southwest opened the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park this summer as a way to introduce New Yorkers to the fabulous Southwest brand!  See my June blog post to jog the ole' memory. 

As a part of the experience we began a speaker series called Southwest Executive Chats.  The idea was to have a casual atmosphere where our corporate clients, partners, and interested parties could learn a bit more about how Southwest achieves business success.

We were lucky enough to have Ginger Hardage at the Porch in August chatting about Southwest’s Culture and the secrets to keeping that Culture strong. 

Last week, we featured Kevin Krone, Southwest’s Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Distribution.  The fall season is perfect timing for Southwest to chat with folks about our Bags Fly Free philosophy and to explain that keeping things simple at Southwest creates Customer loyalty (and increases loads—little shout-out to finance). 

So, if you’re in New York City in the coming months stop by and cool your heels at Bryant Park.  We have some cool fall weather and an Adirondack chair with your name on it.

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I was fortunate to attend an event at The Southwest Porch last week. It is fantastic! Whitney and crew have done a great job, and the staff at the Porch will take great care of you. The location can't be beat, and it's a great place to unwind from a busy day in the city. It almost feels like you are getting the unbeatable Customer Service that you get when flying Southwest. The weather this time of year is hard to beat, and I'd highly recommend the Southwest Summer Ale. P.S. Thanks for the shout-out to Finance, Whitney!
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This Southwest Exec Chat series sounds like a great opportunity for SWA devotees to learn from those guiding the company at the top levels. Awesome idea. Slightly amazing (though not really surprising) to see SWA execs making themselves so accessible. Is there a schedule available for future events? And any chance Dave Ridley will be in the lineup? I wish I had known about Kevin Krone's session. I'm recently out of business school and working on a start-up dealing with airline revenue management and pax sales. To hear directly from execs at a carrier as successful as Southwest would be really valuable. Hope to see you on the Porch some time!