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Why Do They Hate Your Bags?

Frequent Flyer C

Did anyone else see the news today about a competitor who wants you to pay more than $249 a year for your bags to fly?  Did anyone else think it was an Onion article headline? This one really made us want to ask, why do they hate your bags?  At Southwest, we STILL have no fee for your first or second checked bag.   We love you and your bag friends.  So bring them all along – your Dora the Explorer roller bag, your golf bag, your purpley polka dot bag….they’re all welcome on Southwest!  Read our full baggage policy here.


Maybe you can tell us, why do they hate your bag?  Talk amongst yourselves!

Explorer C
They hate bags so much because they love money so much.
Explorer C
I will only fly Southwest not only because you don't hate my boring grey bag, but because you don't loose my kids when they fly with you all by their selves! Southwest rocks! OBTW thanks for the great flight to Oakland and back to Boise this weekend and my boring grey bag thanks you too!
Explorer C
I love SWA...yet another reason why I won't fly any other airline.
Explorer C
I wonder if it's both to make money and to save money. Obviously charging for bags makes the airline money but does it also make people pack and carry less luggage leading to a lighter plane and lower fuel costs? I know nothing about the airline industry but I can't help but think there are multiple benefits to the airline. Of course, all at the cost of upsetting and frustrating its passengers and customers.
Explorer C
but WHEN are you going to start flying to Hawaii???
Explorer C
They hate bags so much because they hate the people who carry them. Souithwest "LUVS" its customers!
Explorer C
They hate my bag because it smells like the Appleton rum. The reason my bag smells like rum is because THEY broke my duty free rum bottle on the flight home from Jamaica and the contents of that bottle soaked my bag, clothes, souvenirs and hopefully the whole cargo hold on that plane. Never had problems with broken stuff on SWA!
Explorer C
I will not cheat on you again Southwest. I had a horrible time this past week flying to Minneapolis via US Airway. Their flight attendants HATE bags too!
Explorer C
Southwest is definitely my airline of choice for travel within the US. If you guys traveled to Europe I'd take you too.
Explorer C
I fly SWA about once a month and it's always a pleasure! Everyone is always friendly and makes sure I enjoy my travels. And of course, they do love my bags! Thanks guys!!
Explorer C
I love Southwest Airlines, don't get me wrong, but Delta Air Lines was ranked highest among any U.S. airline for overall customer service and satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates. That says something.
Explorer C
...because THEY want to make us wait longer in the security line while all of THEIR customers try and shove over-sized bags through the x-ray machine in order to carry-on and save the $25 rip-off fee. (Ever think all these extra carry-on bags bogs down TSA and compromises everyone's safety? Just saying...)
Explorer C
I hate to admit, I was the SW hater....but not anymore! I have fallen in love with both a out of state boyfriend and SW! I check my bags, they come off the plane and don't get lost. Thanks for the free ride!
Explorer C
they love money - as for saving on fuel due to lighter loads? Ha! I have had to sit on a plane, at the gate, waiting on Delta to load SANDBAGS on the plane for ballast and they admitted it is because we are taking fewer bags due to the charges... paying to check 1 or 2 bags is a total rip-off and I won't use any airlines who charges me unless absolutely forced by office travel policy. I fly Delta often but SWA has them beat for service.
Explorer C
I think everything about Southwest is better. My flights are all around better because of the people that fly them and the staff. Other airlines are rude and could care less about making the flights a pleasurable experience. Thanks southwest!
Explorer C
RE: I love Southwest Airlines, don't get me wrong, but Delta Air Lines was ranked highest among any U.S. airline for overall customer service and satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates. That says something. Do you realize that J.D Power and Associates is a pay to play ranking? Check out how they pick who they'll rank and then talk.
Explorer C
@Anonymous — Tue, 10/06/2009 - 17:04 "Delta Air Lines was ranked highest among any U.S. airline for overall customer service and satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates. That says something." Do you mean Delta that left me stranded overnight in Kentucky while my dogs were waiting to go outside @ home? Southwest - and Love Field are THE BEST!
Explorer C
Sort of like charging someone who makes 12 roundtrips a year $240 to get a reasonable boarding selection and not refunding the fee if they need to change their plans. I still like LUV but I think you have ceded the high ground in the fee department....
Explorer C
SW, lately you haven't been as cheap as you used to be (I say "cheap" lovingly). Are you just hiding baggage fees in your prices? Also, I asked someone awhile ago why you don't fly direct from PDX to SBA (they are so close to one another and yet NO AIRLINES have a direct flight)... pretty please make this happen. Thanks.
Explorer C
Solution? Fly naked!
Explorer C
Bags fly free on southwest, and as a customer, the best thing you can do to the guy or gal in the baggage office, sitting there bored, since 99 pct of bags get where they need to go - is go up to them and say "hey, my bags made it here, just wanted to let you know since most people come to you with bag problems" it will make their day!
Explorer C
I have sworn off Southwest Airlines permanently. The lack of baggage fees isn't enough to get me to fly with an airline that's no longer the most competitive. A recent round-trip flight from IAD to LAX on Virgin America was $99 each way, I got to choose my seat, I did not have to worry about checking in exactly 24 hours ahead of time so I could be in boarding group A, only to maybe get a good seat. The baggage fee is a small price to pay for good service, a non-stop flight, and an assigned seat. Your flight crew is also annoying - not everyone loves the peppy-get-em-going attitudes (I have never been on a flight without this). Some of us fly really early in the mornings to get to meetings, we do not need distractions from our work, or cheerleader-type people interrupting our sleep (some of us have long days ahead of us once we get to our destinations, and need to get sleep whenever, and wherever we can). In a day and age where you are only competitive with fares from other airlines, and nothing else, Southwest needs to get back into the game. I make 30+ flights a year, none of them on Southwest. Virgin America has earned my IAD - LAX, IAD - SFO, and SFO - LAX business. I know many more people making the same jump.
Explorer A
@Anonymous — Tue, 10/06/2009 - 17:04 "Delta Air Lines was ranked highest among any U.S. airline for overall customer service and satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates. That says something." JD Power doesn't agree with your statements about JD Power's rankings:
Explorer C
They hate our bags b/c they are greedy and want to rip us off. I took my FIRST SWA flight from Vegas to Sac yesterday and I am in LUV! It's my first b/c I live in Hawaii and you don't fly there. I agree with someone up above - when are you going to come to Hawaii? WE NEED YOU. Your service was great, efficient and hassle free. Better than any inter-island or mainland carrier I have flown! AND you took my two huge black bags for free - and got them here safely. Mahalo, SWA!
Adventurer C
They hate your bags because you are going and they are not. They hate your bags because they can. They hate your bags because they have no job security. The haters will hate and the lovers will LUV. FLY SWA and feel the LUV.
Explorer C
Upbeat attitude, new commercials and the usual lower cost flights will get Southwest on the top of J.D.'s list very quickly. I'm rooting for you. For those who kept saying Delta was ranked #1, read on: WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.: 30 June 2009 - Alaska Airlines ranks highest in customer satisfaction among traditional network carriers, while JetBlue Airways ranks highest among low-cost carriers, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 North America Airline Satisfaction StudySM released today.
Explorer B
Wow! Just read Dean's post. So flight attendant's who enjoy their job and try to make people smile annoy you? Well, guilty as charged! As a flight attendant with 25 years here at SWA, I take that as a compliment. Yes, we may be on the "peppy" side and some of us may be cheerleaders for Southwest, but I truly fail to see the problem. I follow several airline blogs and read the complaints about poor customer service offered by other airlines. If you would rather have a surly, robotic flight attendant, then I suppose Southwest Airlines truly isn't for you. It's a shame, really. Because we work for a fantastic company which cares about not only our customers but the employees as well. If that's a problem, well I apologize from the bottom of my heart. But don't see things changing any time soon. We all like to "color outside the lines" and will hopefully continue to do so for years to come!!
Explorer C
Maybe they are futilely trying to get their ramp agents to treat peoples' bags with more respect by making it seem like they are worth more. Or maybe the reduction of bags needed to be handled means they can lay off more people. Not cool.
Explorer C
Southwest, you may love bags, but maybe not mine. On my last couple of flights I have had problems finding overhead space for my single carry-on due to a lack of enforcement of carry-on size and number - I've seen people with three or four bags, including large garment bags. I'm also not a fan of your EBCI, since it seems even less likely I will find room now.
Explorer C
My daughter just traveled another airline to Puerto Rico...and had to pay an addition $50 for her bags to go both ways. She just traveled Jet Blue..and with them your lst checked bag with them is free...which works. As for the comment above about the overstuffed carry on's and making security lines longer and tougher to get through..I TOTALLY AGREE! My son just traveled another airline and was going to attempt to 'carry on' his overstuffed 21' bag..and decided it wasn't worth the effort..and sadly, flying other airlines (hey it was business -- he had no choice) he paid the $20 bux for his bag to fly each way. As to the comment above about "annoying" flight attendants, joking and having fun?? YIKES! What is WRONG with DEAN? First off, when I fly..i am a NERVOUS wreck. Having flight attendants and pilots who sing, laugh, and joke make me feel MUCH more at ease!!! Some flight attendants on other airlines make you feel like flying is all business, is a dangerous mode of transportation, so take them SERIOUSLY... and can in effect make ME feel very uneasy and very uncomfortable. As for free bags..another point of interest: 5 years ago, we flew Southwest to a cruise destination in Florida. My son won a 5 ft stuffed dog at Universal Studios - FL who we stuck a luggage tag on and sent thru as 'baggage" to get him home...we were amused to watch from the windows as the luggage was loaded into our see the baggage handlers bouncing the dog up and down..pretending to bite each other and "bark" at each other. IT was a riot. Only wish I had a video camera and had captured that to share w/ Southwest. The stuffed doggie made it safely to Connecticut from FL and ...there was NO EXTRA CHARGE to add him to our luggage! :) Ok, I've babbled too long. I love Southwest. Period. and I LOVE your new bag campaign ads!
Explorer C
Good things come to those who wait, better things come to those who go AFTER it!" I have helped a few friends end up booking on SWA, 100% because of the no bag fees. SWA was a bit more expensive then other airlines, however the respective competitive airlines were more expensive in the end as they had to check bags too. I even touted while they are saving the 80 bucks to fly SWA due to the bags, treat themselves to EBCI and pay an extra 20 bucks and STILL save 60 bucks, and be able to not worry about checking in online at the same time! I hope SWA never reverts to charging for bag fees, as far as I can tell from this end of the computer, IT IS WORKING!!! Keep it up please!!! :) Alex
Explorer C
My girlfriend and I flew AirTran to Charleston, SC last week (sorry SW, no flights there). They charged us $30 each to check bags. We're good people. We pay our taxes. Why do they hate our bags? Keep on doing what you're doing! -Matt and Suzie from Chicago
Explorer C
I would love to pay the extra charge if it guaranteed that my $200 bullet proof baby carseat reached the airport at the same time as my baby. WHY are critical carseats not given the care and priority by SWA? Where is the LUV for families you claim? One can have lost luggage delivered but how do you leave an airport without a carseat? After having to wait 2.5 hrs for another flight to come in from same airport, SWA finally gave us a loaner. We have a six hour car ride home from the airport, with a carseat of dubious safety. Not good SWA. My husband is "A" list flyer and I must say this is a huge disappointment and problem that your airline has to fix to continue to be competitive.
Explorer C
The other airlines don't hate my bag nearly as much as Southwest does. Curiously, when I pay to check my bag, it arrives at the same destination I do - and even at the same time. On my only two non-direct flights this year with Southwest, I definitely cannot say the same. They've had my bag for over 12 hours now, for 3 total hours of flight time, and they don't have any idea at all where it is...who hates my bag??
Aviator C

Flying is a service that I have come to love.  Like all services, things come with a price.  Southwest can't fly to every single town or area I need to fly to and at times I need to take another airline.  I would actually not have an issue with paying for baggage if it were at some reasonable price.  How somebody just made it immediately $25 and up was really a disservice to the customer.  I would have no issue, (even on SW) to pay a minimal fee.  (But hope I never do.)  So my short message here to SW Airlines.  If that day comes that you ever have to charge, I would gladly pay $5 per bag, but if it goes higher than that I might as well fly the other airlines, and know which seat I am getting.