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Why I love Southwest!

Rising Star

My name is Frank McCulley, Jr., and I have been a Southwest Rapid Rewards member since 1999. Because of social media we post all of our vacations on Facebook and I have been constantly asked how we are able to get away so much.


I explain to people that it is because of Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program and their response Is, “What is that?  Tell me more! I have been asked so many times to explain what it is, so I decided to write a book about it and it’s called “The Magic of Points: The greatest way to travel.” This book is about how to earn and use points.


I have always had a passion for travel and have wanted to share that passion. Because of the Southwest Rapid Rewards program and making a few changes in the way I make purchases I have been greatly rewarded.  All thanks to Southwest!


Over the past six years I have earned hundreds and thousands of points and have been fortunate enough to qualify for the Companion Pass.  I have taken my wife on over 50 domestic and international round trip flights.


Anyone making travel choices today would make a much better decision if they only knew the true benefits of how much the Southwest Rapid Rewards program will change their life.  It completely changed my life!  There is no better feeling then knowing you have the freedom to travel and don’t have to worry how you are going to pay for it.


Friends of ours who have not traveled for many years because they believed they could not afford it are now traveling again because of the knowledge I provided them and the benefits of Southwest Rapid Rewards. I feel so grateful that I was able to help them.


I was an electrician for almost 20 years and although I was very good at it, I always felt like I should be doing something else.  Losing people that are close to you makes you realize that there may not be a tomorrow and all the thoughts and things that you were going to do in the future may not happen.


All along I had been living with the thought "I can do it tomorrow," but now I do it today.  I am following my dreams and living life today making memories and travelling to places that I always dreamed of.



 Frank G. McCulley, Jr.


Frank & Holly McCulleyFrank & Holly McCulley


My book available Amazon.comMy book available

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New Arrival

Very informative !! Loved all the pointers I only fly southwest and am also a chase member of rapid rewards. Didn't know about all the other perks .

New Arrival

Great information.  I am a huge fan of Southwest and use the airline on a regular basis.  They step-up and deliver on their promise of providing outstanding service and commitment to their customers.

New Arrival

Hey southwest can I be a Pilot for you 737-700