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Why Southwest Airlines Rocks

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Sometimes I think marketing is a pretty easy business. Do right by your customers and they’ll do right by you – follow the Golden Rule.

One company that makes a hard business look easy and that rocks my marketing world is Southwest Airlines. Since 1999, Southwest’s domestic market share has increased by 48%, while the five network carriers have seen their combined passenger base shrink 20%. This year, Southwest will fly about 28 million more people than it did in 1999, while its rivals will fly a total of 62 million fewer passengers!

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Having worked in the transportation industry myself for a few years, I agree..."Do right by your customers and they’ll do right by you." I've seen this firsthand in RNO, so I know it works :-) Paul In CRP
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i am concerned about the animals being brought on board as my asthma and allergies to pets... i love southwest but the smell and hair in a small space is not good. and what about the next person to sit in the same dander,fleas,hair...what were you guys thinking????
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As someone with severe aviophobia, I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate Southwest's jubilant approach to air travel. I'm a soggy mess when I get on an airplane, and the stewards and stewardesses have always been nothing but kind, reassuring, and incredibly nice to me and my poor boyfriend, who usually winds up comforting me the whole time. I even wrote about Southwest here: to try and get others to fly the Southwest skies!