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WiFi Modernization: First Viasat Aircraft Enters Service


We’re excited to announce that as of yesterday, March 9, 2023, our first aircraft equipped with hardware from our new WiFi vendor, Viasat, has entered service. Viasat is an industry leader, and we’re excited about the increased connectivity and reliability that Viasat will provide. As we prepare for additional Viasat-equipped aircraft deliveries, we’re also making significant progress updating our existing fleet with new Anuvu hardware (our original WiFi vendor). We have now upgraded more than 400 aircraft and are well on our way to upgrading the entire fleet by the third quarter of this year.


Between our upgraded Anuvu hardware and integration of Viasat, we’re bringing a faster, more reliable WiFi experience. In addition to improved WiFi quality, Viasat offers Customers the ability to trade paid internet connectivity between personal devices (known as “device swapping”). For example, if a Customer has paid for Internet using their laptop, they can use the "swap device" function in the Inflight Entertainment Portal to switch connectivity to their phone.


Southwest WiFi.png


We continue to make strides on our promise to enhance the Customer Experience onboard.  Stay tuned for further updates as we bring additional upgraded Anuvu and Viasat aircraft to service throughout 2023.