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WiFi in the Sky

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Twitter Status - @SouthwestAir - This tail is Bound 2… Before Southwest’s loyalty program was named Rapid Rewards, it was called the Company Club, and we were fondly known as the Company Plane.  Even though we’ve moved away from that name, we know we’re still an "office in the sky" for a lot of business travelers.  Staying connected with emails and news is crucial for some of our road warriors, who fly with us a couple of times each week.  Leisure travelers also love to catch up on social media and other online tasks. Our gate-to-gate WiFi costs $8.00 and can be purchased with a credit card or PayPal.  If you have any connecting flights, your device will connect for free for the rest of the day.  All you need is a WiFi-enabled device (802.11 a/b/g or n) with an Internet browser.  Please note that cellular devices without a WiFi component will not work with this system, and their use is restricted to game or airplane mode per federal regulations. The onboard WiFi is perfect for catching up on emails, browsing social media, and reading the news.  More information is made available when a Customer clicks on the “Get WiFi” icon and also on the purchase page. While not every plane in our fleet is WiFi-enabled, we’re working towards that goal in the future.  You can check if WiFi will be available on your upcoming flight by using our WiFi Finder. Passengers on WiFi-enabled aircraft can enjoy free live TV, as well as some episodes of your favorite shows, thanks to our partners at DISH!  Just be sure to download the Onboard Player App before you board.  The live TV operates on a separate system than the WiFi for purchase. Besides WiFi and TV, we offer some other Internet products.  If you have an Apple product and need to send some quick texts, check out iMessaging.  For $2.00, you can text other Apple users using the web-based iMessaging feature.  On game days, watch football using the NFL Redzone for $4.00.  You may also purchase an On-Demand Movie for $5.00 (also needs Onboard Player App). Our A-List Preferred members enjoy complimentary access to the Southwest WiFi whenever they travel with us. As with any technology, we know our WiFi product isn’t perfect.  It can be affected by the weather, position of the satellite, and the number of Passengers using the service.  We work hard to track the signal strength on each flight to improve your connectivity. While you’re in the air, feel free to share your pictures with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #SWApic.  We LUV seeing your sky selfies and vacation pictures!