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Will Southwest Start Charging for Bags?

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At the 2010 Shareholder's Meeting, Chairman, President & CEO, Gary Kelly, was asked a very important question, so he enlisted a few Southwest Employees from our latest commercials to help him with the answer.
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Too funny and yet, a serious reason to fly Southwest too. No change fees is awesome too!
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Allowing bags to fly free is just common sense. Bags are loaded into cargo space that's designed for the purpose of carrying luggage. First, it's not like the luggage would fly without the passengers... That's what FedEx and UPS are for. Second, I would think that this would help lower the number of carry-on bags that are dragged onto the plane but are too large for overhead compartments. It's unfortunate that other airlines charge their customers for their basic necessities. The practice of charging for bags won't stop me from traveling, but it has dicouraged me from booking with other airlines. Good job, Southwest!
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I agree!!! I fly southwest whenever possible, besides I feel it is the safest airlines around. Great Job Southwest!!
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Absolutely! There's nothing more annoying than having an overcrowded cabin because everyone has brought their oversized (not really carry on sized) bags instead of checking them. Way to go Southwest!