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Winging It: Reader says Southwest has unfair edge

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Winging It: Reader says Southwest has unfair edge
By Tom Belden

Readers of the previous column provided a couple of prize-winning responses, among the best I have received since I started this endeavor almost two years ago. I don't have the space to report on both today, so the second one will have to wait for next week.

As you may recall, much of the column focused on Southwest Airlines' policy of not charging fees for services that once were included in ticket prices.

We all know why fares and fees have shot up this year: Fuel costs were killing the carriers. Most airlines believed customers understood that and would accept "a la carte" pricing for checking bags, getting the best seats on flights and the rest.

Southwest has the opposite opinion, believing that it can capture more business by appealing to travelers who don't want to pay the fees.


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