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Wrenn's Story


The following blog post was co-written by Debbie Wafford and Stephen Keller. 


This year, Southwest Airlines celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Medical Transportation Grant Program by donating 10,000 roundtrip flights. This is how two of the 10,000 were used.



Wrenn received a double lung transplant as an infant. Ever since, she and her mom, Nicole, have traveled from her home in Orlando to St. Louis Children’s Hospital every six months. Now six years old, Wrenn has a sense of adventure, a passion for playing, and a dream of becoming a pilot.


Wrenn’s mom, Nicole, is especially thankful for our incredible Employees who go above and beyond to ensure Wrenn’s safety during their travels with us.


We’re honored to be a part of Wrenn’s story and be able to lessen the financial burden of serious illness.