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Write Your Own Caption Is Back--Kind of

Aviator C

One of our favorite posts in the past has been our Write Your Own Caption series.  With this post, we want to do something similar but a bit different.  This wonderfully evocative photo was graciously sent to us by Alicia Shaffer.  

The photo of her son, Campbell, was taken by his father, Demetrious.  Given the subject, please share with us your favorite travel story from when you were a child or a story from traveling with your own kids.  Emily Kaufman, our Travel Mom from starts off the comments for us with this:

I am at that crossroads for a parent where it is time to let go of their baby and send him or her off to college.  I am incredibly excited for my son’s future and very nostalgic about our past.  When I reflect on some of my favorite memories as a family, travel is always a big part of the great stuff that I remember.

We live in a very busy world with moms, dads and kids that are overscheduled.  We race around with jobs, schoolwork, sports practices, SAT classes and workouts.  We squeeze as much as we can into each day.  Our world is high tech with cell phones and texting and instant messages.  Vacation provides that outlet for families to slow down and reconnect with each other.

I know times are challenging economically.  I understand that gas is a small fortune.  I also “get” that folks are intimidated by air travel right now.  However, as a mom, I want to encourage everyone to try and make a vacation memory this summer.  I promise that when the time comes to look back on some of your favorite reflections as your baby leaves the nest, you will not be sorry that you figured out how to make one work this summer.

Now let's hear your travel memory.