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Aviator C
Valley 06 (141) (2).JPG I don't know about you, but one of my favorite movies is Airplane, and I just crack up over the scene where the ground crew is wiping the cockpit windows and lifting the nose radome to check the dripstick.  Well, one of our great Customers, Shar Lira, took this photo on June 21 in Phoenix of one of our Captains, who suspiciously looks like our fellow blogger, Ray Stark. Anyway, here's a chance to use your creativity and post a caption for this photo.  (Click on the photo to enlarge.) Of course, we LUV funny! And have a great Fourth of July!
Explorer C
In our company, the "Pride of Ownership" has no bounds, that plus it is nice to see where you are headed together.
Explorer C
Dam'mit Bill, I told you not to eat those burritos!!!!!
Explorer A
and on this the next episode of "pilots gone wild" or "Nothing that a little Duct Tape won't Fix"
Explorer C
"Dukes of Hazard"--Southwest style
Explorer C
"Flight from LAX to Tampa $119.00 - Clean windshield priceless"
Explorer C
Ya, I was at the Chili Cook Off!!
Explorer C
Man I hate oversells! or Ok, just one more spot and - HEY, I SAID NO PUSHING!!!
Adventurer C
If the Flight Attendants are going to clean the interior of the airplane and cross seatbelts between flights, it's only fare that the pilots do the windows!
Explorer C
As my old Papa used to say..... CAPTION; "WELL, I'LL BE SWITCHED!"
Explorer C
Don't know why they can't wait for us to get off before they have to vacuum!
Explorer C
My wife & I just completed a trip to & from Nashville, Tenn. on SWA. What a joke! SWA is truly a joke airline. From the stupid male attendents to the lousy service we received coming & going at Las Vegas Int. Airport. On our next trip we will do everything possible to NOT travel on SWA or be routed through Las Vegas. You can keep the laid off comedians that supposedly greet customers.
Explorer C
I thought I told them at corporate I don't do windows!!!!!!
Explorer C
1. "Dammit Captain, zip up and quit drinking so much coffee en route! 2. "As Wayne emerged from underneath the belly of the plane he had no idea he was about to get hosed by Captain Kirk". 3. "Damn the OCCUPIED notice"
Explorer C
Gosh, I think we just flew through Texas.
Explorer B
Some people take a little longer to catch on... My wife found this in May of 2007! I had no idea it was even there! Yup, that is me. Bugs are a real "pain" in the summer months. A good size bug strike can hide an airliner or small plane heading at you. Plus, many airlines have labor contracts that prevent pilots from doing their own windshields. I like being able to do my own. (And yes, RainX works awesome thank you!) Ray