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Yes Virginia, Some People Have to Work on Christmas Day.

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I am reminded of the day I had my one-on-one interview with Recruiter Trent Ready. When I sat down I said:  "Trent, I've been thinking of you every night after I go to bed." Looking perkier he said, "And what have you been thinking?" You're going to ask "Will I work Christmas?" I told him.  He responded:  "And your reply?" I answered:  "Of course I will work Christmas!!" Well those words have come back to haunt me 22 times! A few weeks ago, after several intense hours, I turned in my bid for my December schedule. Every month there is usually one or two days I need off. But DECEMBER! Referring to my Calendar I need the second off for Ginger and Mickey's party; the 5th is Brenda's party; Carmen's luncheon is the 6th; the 9th is Christmas at my oldest son's house; there's the big party on the 15th; the Christmas program on the 21st; and a friend's wedding on the 23rd. Ooops, I can't forget that I promised my youngest son I would take care of his two children on December 13, 14, and 15 in Houston while they attend a wedding in Cabo San Lucas. These are just the things I know about as I write this on the 8th of November. This is my first Christmas with my new honey - he actually seems to think I will be available Christmas AND New Year's eve! Let's see, how many days does that leave me to work? I do have two things going for me. First, I have vacation December 8 - 14, and I bid to be pulled from two trips. I also have an overlap on the first and can be pulled from a trip. That takes care of the first of the month. The last of the month will take $$$$$. We are blessed with the ability to put our trips into what is called "Trip Trade/Give away". Then if we add, from our own pockets, money - the trip just could disappear from our schedule. So, you ask, what's the problem? Lost income just when taxes are due is my first thought. Then, since Dallas is a very senior base, will I get a line that meets my criteria? Maybe, maybe NOT! Let's not forget, "What if My Company needs me?" The only absolue MUST is babysitting my 6 and 8 year old grandchildren. Home Alone was a cute movie, but... The day after I bid, I called to get the results. Over 8,000 other Flight Attendants did the same. So, in December I hope to see you - but not on the 2, 5, 6, 9, 13, 14, 15, 21, 25, or 31!