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You Made Our Day! Gratitude, Travel Thanks, and Success Stories from our Southwest Customers


Our Vision at Southwest Airlines is to be the world’s most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline. We strive to deliver Outstanding Hospitality to our Customers day in and day out as we serve over 100 destinations across the U.S. and 10 additional countries. Our Employees are the Heart of our Company and interact daily with our Customers. Read more to hear some of the recent travel stories that our Customers shared with us!



The Midnight Junior Flight Attendant

Submitted by sayrajan27

I wanted to give a shout out to Danielle and the amazing Flight Crew on Flight #3574 from San Francisco to Denver. My daughters fly back and forth between Colorado and California often to visit their dad. On this particular flight my 7-year-old, Sophia, was having a rough night and flight back home to Colorado. She was sad to leave her dad but she was also very tired as it was a midnight flight.


Sophia started crying and sweet Danielle asked her if she would like to be a junior Flight Attendant. Sophia instantly stopped crying and helped the Flight Crew hand out snacks and pick up trash. She got a round of applause at the end of the flight making her a very, very happy little girl!! I cannot thank Danielle and the Flight Crew enough for doing what they did that night. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!



Southwest’s Raleigh/Durham, NC Station Helps Save a 50th Anniversary Celebration

Submitted by JorieWalker

The Southwest ticket agent at your Raleigh/Durham Station saved my neighbors' 50th anniversary! They were told by the cruise line that they could not board the cruise ship without their passports, which they had accidentally left at home. This was terrible news because they had booked a cruise with their whole family—kids, grandkids, siblings, and friends included—so a lot of money and planning hours were invested.


Plus, these neighbors are the very best of people. They've given so much of their time and effort to others and they never hesitate to lend a hand when they're needed. Of all the people I know, these good souls deserved a celebration. But that was about to not happen. They were told about the passport problem on Saturday, and their cruise was due to leave Sunday afternoon, New Year’s Eve.

I was called in to help get these passports to their hotel in Florida. I got the passports from their house and started frantically driving to or calling every shipping company I'd heard of. After having no luck with any of them, I stood in line at the Southwest terminal at RDU (which was the longest I'd ever seen—almost back to baggage claim) to see if there was anything they could do to help.


The ticket agent was a miracle worker! She helped me get a last-minute ticket on a holiday weekend that enabled me to hand-deliver their passports and still be back home in time to celebrate the holiday with my own family, all at a reasonable price. And she worked through this miracle with cheerful patience that was unexpected with that long of a line. The relief and joy she brought to an entire family was indescribable. Smiles and tears all around. She is just one of the reasons I will always search Southwest Airlines first. Thank you, Southwest Airlines and your RDU Station!



The Adventure of my Lost iPad

Submitted by Egrant

2.jpgLate last year, I tearfully left Memphis en route to Tampa. It had been a rough two weeks due to a family situation, but I needed to get home and pack for my upcoming move to Memphis. 


I arrived in Tampa and went home, got to work and then realized I had left my iPad on the plane. I drove to the airport and was met by the most professional Employee, Customer Service Agent Donna Gandy, who realized my distress and started to make calls. She called upstairs to my gate and asked OPS Agent Lakayla Nelson if an iPad had been turned in. By luck, OPS Agent Thomas Keesling overheard the call and a Flight Attendant had just handed him my iPad that had taken a journey from Tampa to LaGuardia back to Tampa.


My boyfriend and now fiancé, Mark Davis, and I have commuted on Southwest for over a year between Tampa and Memphis and plan to marry in 2018. We owe the solid building of our relationship to your reasonable direct flights between Memphis and Tampa. Thank you, Southwest!


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