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You Never Know What the Future Holds

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Not too long ago my family and I were eating at Pei Wei, an Asian restaurant. Just like routine, at the end of the meal we all opened our fortune cookies. We go around the table and share our fortunes. When it was my turn I started to read, “You have a love for words you should write a book.” I laughed and said, “in my spare time!”  

When I was back at work, I noticed I must have a thing for fortune cookies. I had them in different places, taped on my desk; one was on my monitor and another in my ID badge cover. I even went to a fortune cookie factory in San Francisco on a family trip. I read over them and realized how powerful the quotes were. Some of my favorites are: "Always over-deliver & under-promise"; "Opportunity knocks on your door everyday – answer it"; and "This year your highest priority will be your family."  

A funny thing happened a few days later; I received an e-mail stating that I was chosen for the Southwest Blog. My thoughts went quickly back to my fortune cookie. It was meant to be! Was there a typo? It should’ve read blog and not book. Ok, so it was a few letters off; I only wish I had played the lotto numbers that were on the back because this fortune did come true.  

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