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"Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself" or Red Belly Radio Takes Off

Frequent Flyer B
I forget if it was Mike Myers, Austin Powers, or Dr. Evil that famously said “Allow myself to introduce...myself.” in his (their) first movie. Red Belly Radio is the podcast about Southwest Airlines and in this first episode, I review my career at Southwest and interview Paula Berg who helped manage this new blog project and talk to Chris Ronan from RD2 who helped make it all happen. This first episode is about nine minutes long.

Knowing you would want more, we bring you Red Belly Radio episode two!

How many companies’ CEOs can claim that they used the product long before he or she even worked for the company? Can Jeff Kindler claim the first drug he ever took was made by Pfizer? Can Kenneth Chenault claim his first credit card was an American Express? Can William Ford say that his first car was a Ford? Hmmm, okay, I’ll give you that one.

Well our own Gary Kelly can claim his first flight was on a Southwest Plane! In this second episode, hear Gary tell his story about the very first flight he ever took, and I add my story of my first flight. Gary gets to embellish his story with quotes from Lamar Muse, Southwest’s first president, and I embellish my story with a guy that wouldn’t stop talking. It becomes clear why he is the CEO and not me. The seven minute investment is well worth it!

These first two episodes have everything except a clever tagline. That’s why I am asking for input with a closing line. There is some great Southwest Airlines stuff that will be sent to the winner.

Thank you for reading, now go listen. You can find the link at the bottom-right of the home page. You will need to go to the archive page to hear the second episode.

Explorer C
Somebody has to be first: "Ladies and gentleman, the captain has indicated that we have come to the conclusion of our podcast. Please turn off your portable electronic devices."
Explorer C
How about: "We'd LUV to have you aboard sometime soon!"
Explorer C
Perhaps: "As Time Flies By..." and "To my fellow pod people, until next time, bye-bye."
Explorer C
"See you around the blogosphere!"
Explorer C
It was Austin Powers who said the famous line to #2 at the poker table. For a tagline - how about, "Thanks for listening to Red Belly Radio. We hope you'll come back soon. Buh-bye!"
Explorer C
My name is Katie Bradley and my email is kbradl02@yahoo.com_ please contact me back please... anyways I am searching for an entry-level position with southwest airlines. I am ambitious and driven for a position at your company, I am going to apply but networking is key in today’s job market, and getting your name out there is important. I see that This Company has been successful for 38yrs and started from the ground up, and that is what I am trying to do as a young driven female with fiery ambition to concur and learning newfound territory. Thank you and have a wonderful, Don’t forget to check my resume and job application.
Explorer C
"Until next time, keep your wings up and your belly's down."
Explorer C
FLYBOYPIT737: Happy Anniversary Southwest Airlines PIT! 5 Years STEEL IN LUV WITH YOU at Greater Pittsburgh Int'l Airport. Join the Celebration at Gates A1 & A3. Thank you Pittsburgh for Flying with us; we appreciate your Trust. 🙂
Explorer C
I need help. I live in Las Vegas, NV . Recently on 09/04/10 I saw new job postins for customer service job#13438 and #13439, also for part-time ramp agent 09/22/10 job#13586, these positions were posted on state of Nevada dept of unemployment's job site, such Jobcorps and America's job exchange but when you try to apply for the Southwest careers page says it does not exist. I get immediate notification on date it's posted. But how can these agencies give this information out for us to apply if it's not available on Southwest website. I am an experienced passenger/gate agent from Usairways. I have long looked to work for Southwest because of employee relations. They are the happiest around. I am very ambitious and determined with an outgoing personality and ability to speak 2 other foreign languages. Is there help? Is there a recruiter I can call. I know personally many employees WN. I know southwest is looking for 25 agents at LAS.
Adventurer A
Hi Tania- Thanks for your interest in working for Southwest! Please give us a call at 214-792-4000 and ask for the People Department. They can help you! - Laurel