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"Because we LUV you!"

Explorer B


What a busy month of growth it has been for Southwest Airlines, with the addition of three new cities to our schedule. Here in Chicago-Midway, we now feature nonstop service to each of our three new destinations: Charleston and Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Newark, New Jersey! I spent time with some of our Customers on the inaugural weekends of service to see what brought them to Southwest and our new flights!

On Sunday, March 13th, we started our service to South Carolina via Greenville-Spartanburg and Charleston. Folks from local tourism departments and various departments of Southwest Airlines came to Midway to help welcome some of our newest Customers with some Southwest and South Carolina SWAG!

The first Customers I spoke with were heading to the beach to enjoy a yearly family vacation and taking their first trip on Southwest Airlines! The second Customer I spoke with said she was heading home. Since we just started flying to South Carolina that day, I asked how long she had been stuck waiting for us! Luckily, she saw my attempt at humor and understood what I was really trying to get at. Her family actually went out of their way and bought two one-way tickets for their vacation; one-way out on the other guys and one-way back on Southwest. When asked why they did not just buy a roundtrip with the other guys, I got the response, “Because we LUV you!” How cool is that for me to work at a place that people LUV?!

Of course, the LUV does not end there. Just two short weeks later, we commenced service to Newark, New Jersey! Speaking with Customers on these flights yields a lot of similar stories. Some folks have been going with us for years! One gentleman used to fly from Long Island Islip to Chicago, more recently from LaGuardia to Chicago (as of 2009), and now from Newark to Chicago! In order to get any closer, we would have to start service in his back yard!

It is such a privilege working at a place where we continue to give people the Freedom to fly. Here in Chicago, we are pleased to be another choice to get you to and from New Jersey, South Carolina, and wherever else your travels may take you.