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"Inappropriate Content" indeed at Southwest

Frequent Flyer A

Eric Torbenson/Reporter  

We got serious blog traffic here when Terry posted all those Air New Zealand ads showing their clothing-less crews with body paint explaining how the airline has nothing (and no fees) to hide. Now Southwest strikes back, with a Herb chaser!

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Explorer C
Just what is your poliicy regarding size of passengers having to buy another seat? And just who decides if a person is approached and told that he/she must purchase a second seat? And what if the person deemed too heavy for one seat sits next to a relative and/or friend who doesn't mind if the person takes some of their room? And if the plane is full what is the person to do if told to buy another seat when there is no other seat available? And then what price determination is made? Why does a person fly on 4 flights and notheing is said until the 5th flight during an 8 day period? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!
Aviator C
Anonymous, not sure how your question relates to this post, but our policy can be found here:
Explorer C
Get me some Red and Blue body paint and I will paint myself up like a 737. HE HE! SWA F/A's ROCK 🙂