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"The Ticket" Takes Headquarters


Finding your muse is usually associated with writer's block, or some other state of lethargy in the creative process.  When "The Musers" from 1310 The Ticket show up at your work place, there's no shortage of creativity. 

And instead of finding your muse, you find yourself wondering, "Are these guys ever gonna leave?" 

But seriously, what went down Wednesday at Dallas Headquarters was nothing short of hilarious.  Craig Miller, George Dunham, and the Great Gordo took a ride in our brand new 737-800 simulator, donned lifejackets and inflated them, and maybe the most exciting... they tossed aside an emergency exit window and went down the inflatable slide. 

It was four hours folks around here will never forget, and we hope they don't either.  Click the video to see highlights from the day!


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