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Southwest Airlines Community now offers a link to WestJet

Explorer B
You are now free to book WestJet flights through a link that is available on -- check it out here!  As was previously written about in July by my colleague, Richard Sweet, we are very excited to eventually enter a codeshare partnership with the Canadian airline WestJet.  And while it won’t be until late 2009 before we can begin offering Customers a seamless travel experience via our codeshare, we have officially embarked on our first important step toward this relationship with our friends north of the border.   It’s no secret that we constantly strive to make our web site friendly, fast, and convenient, and we’re always looking for ways to provide additional offerings, whether they be through our hotel, rental car, credit card, or cruise ship partners.  And beginning today, we are very proud to offer a link on to book WestJet flights.   So, whether you want to see some “real” hockey, ski, hike, or just want to get away, eh, our friends from WestJet can help you explore the Northern Country.  Oh, and bring a jacket…I hear it gets cold there in the winter!