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the Corporate Social Responsibility Index and Southwest Airlines


For the second year in a row, Southwest Airlines ranked among the top 50 US companies on the Corporate Social Responsibility Index (CSRI). Developed by Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and Reputation Institute, the CSRI ranks companies in seven areas: citizenship, governance, workplace, leadership and performance, products/services, and innovation.  In addition to being among the top 50 overall, Southwest Airlines ranked among the top 25 in the workplace category. As the only airline on the list, we’re proud to be in the company of organizations respected for their social responsibility.

It’s no secret that Southwest Airlines believes in treating our Customers right, creating the Best Place to Work for our Employees, reducing our environmental footprint, and being a trusted community partner. So, it certainly is nice to have third-party studies proving it! 
 The CSRI study shows how companies’ reputations are affected by public perceptions of performance related to citizenship (the community and the environment), governance (ethics and transparency), and workplace practices.  The 2010 results show that many companies are improving their socially responsible practices and the public is increasingly more aware and interested in these efforts.
So, what does it mean to be socially responsible at Southwest?
As an industry leader, it’s important to us that we provide great benefits and training for our Employees, implementing efficient operations to reduce emissions, giving back to our communities, rewarding our Employees for their commitment to volunteering, and providing excellent Customer Service to our Customers. According to the study, CSR-focused businesses proactively encourage community growth and development, and voluntarily eliminate practices that may harm the environment.  For Southwest, that means honoring our triple bottom line: Our People, Our Performance, and Our Planet. 

Check out and read the Southwest Airlines One Report™ to find out more about how we're making a difference.


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Please look into Allentown, Pa. I need that flight from Allentown to Vegas, and I love Southwest. I just hate the drive to KPHL.
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As we renew our health benefits this year, we agree! Thanks for keeping insurance affordable for our family. Every year we hold our breath as we open the benefits package to see how much more it's going to cost. While it creeps up each year, we know that we are paying SO much less than our friends and we don't need a loan to go to the doctor.
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Please begin service to Cincinnati. Average fares between Cincinnati and Chicago rose from $147 one-way to $251 one-way--an increase of 70 percent--between the second quarters of 2009 and 2010 (the latest quarter for which data is available). I know you have a lot on your plate with three new destinations in March, but Cincinnati is a tremendous opportunity!!