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Southwest Airlines Community

Building Resilience
With our strong business, civic and community partnerships, we help build resilience in the cities we serve. But Southwest is much more than a partner. Through investment and empowerment, convening of resources, disaster preparedness, recovery and response, and the passion of our Employees, we are helping to make communities more connected.
Communities with the strongest connections are the most resilient.
  • 500+
    Business, civic, and
    community organization
    partners across the
  • $1M+
    Annual investment
    in education initiatives
  • Member of at
    least one Chamber
    of Commerce in
    every city
    we serve
  • Adopt-A-Pilot
  • Heart of the Community

Our Adopt-A-Pilot program was introduced in 1997 as a supplementary way to educate students through aviation-themed activities.

Today, more than 34,000 students nationwide participate in this program that pairs Southwest Airlines Pilots with classrooms across the country. More than 600 “adopted” Pilots share lessons in science, math, geography, and other fun learning activities with an aviation-related twist, giving our passionate aviators opportunities to mentor students in and around the fifth grade level.



  • 35K+
    Students are involved every year with our program
  • 650+
    Pilots participate in our Adopt-A-Pilot program annually
  • 20
    Years since the program was introduced
Heart of the Community

Through the Heart of the Community program, Southwest is on a mission to build connections that bring people together and strengthen communities for a more resilient future. Since 2013, Southwest has invested over $6.4M in building connections and has supported 23 projects in the cities where our Employees and Customers live, work, and play.

Through a community-driven approach, local partners collaborate with Southwest and our partners, both nationally and locally to move the vision and goals for their cities and communities forward by strengthening connections between people and the places they share.

In a wold where it's easy to feel isolated, we put our Heart into action.

National Partners:

  • $6.4M invested in
    Building connections since 2013
  • 1.7K+ Hours of
    Employee volunteerism since 2013
  • 23
    Community Projects supported since 2013
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